SIGIR 2017 contributions

We have a number of contributions accepted at this year’s SIGIR conference.

  • EntiTables: Smart Assistance for Entity-Focused Tables (full paper) by S. Zhang and K. Balog
  • Dynamic Factual Summaries for Entity Cards (full paper) by F. Hasibi, K. Balog, and S. E. Bratsberg
  • Target Type Identification for Entity-Bearing Queries (short paper) by D. Garigliotti, F. Hasibi, and K. Balog
  • Generating Query Suggestions to Support Task-Based Search (short paper) by D. Garigliotti and K. Balog
  • DBpedia-Entity v2: A Test Collection for Entity Search (resource paper) by F. Hasibi, F. Nikolaev, C. Xiong, K. Balog, S. E. Bratsberg, A. Kotov, and J. Callan
  • Nordlys: A Toolkit for Entity-Oriented and Semantic Search (demo paper) by F. Hasibi, K. Balog, D. Garigliotti, and S. Zhang

See you in Japan 😉